Kirk Langley Church of England (VC)Primary School

Kirk Langley Church of England (VC)Primary School

Pupil Voice

Year 6 Leavers - 2023

'Thank you for the knowledge you've shared with me. You have helped improve my understanding - Thank You! 


'Thank you. Sometimes it may seem that the class doesn't care when you motivate, push and wish for us to thrive. It shows the passion for the class and you show you care. I wish all children could have teachers like you. This is me moving on to a new chapter of life.'


' Thank you for guiding our whole class and really making us thrive. Thank you for all our amazing school trips that deserve a high five.'


'Thank you for helping me succeed in areas I needed help with, such as English and comprehension. Thank you for pushing me to my limits. I will always remember the stories you told us.'


'Thank you for teaching me during Year 5 and 6. The school improved my knowledge marvellously and rapidly. You built my confidence and assisted me throughout lessons I struggled with the most. Thank you.'


'Thank you for all the knowledge.'

" I feel safe at school because I know I have Teachers to go to." Y6

" I feel safe at school because I'm not alone and there are rules so no one gets hurt." Y6

"If I was being bullied I would tell my Trusted Adult or the Designated Safeguarding leads Mrs Stevenson and Mr Mayes. " Y6

"Bullying means someone who is continuously hurting you physically or mentally. Bullying is different to falling out. When you fall out you are having a disagreement." Y6

" The behaviour in the classroom is the best because we help everyone if they need it and not let them struggle." Y6

"In lessons, to be challenged, the Teacher will set deeper thinking questions  and outside of lessons I will set Targets for myself." Y6

"I am supported in my journey of learning from videos and the Teacher demonstrating work on the board." Y6

"I feel safe at this school because I have my Teachers who I feel safe around." Y6

"I keep physically healthy at school by doing PE and Positive Play." Y6

"When trust goes well it makes me feel more social; I also feel content - like I'm meant to be here. I feel like I can open up." Y6

"The skill I need to build relationships is the skill to listen to others." Y6

"If someone's behaviour prevented me from learning I would tell them to stop or move away from them." Y5

"I like to be challenged by getting harder work so I work harder and with Teachers and people encouraging me." Y5

"I am helped amazingly by my Teachers." Y5

"I keep physically healthy at school because we get lots of physical activity." Y5